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Brandy Sommer drives MicroAssist’s Instructor Led Training efforts, working with subject matter experts to develop client-specific curriculum and building community relationships to grow MicroAssist’s reputation as the leading provider of Instructor Led Training in Central Texas. Brandy is an Austin native and earned her bachelor’s degree from St. Edward’s University while simultaneously developing and teaching dance curriculum to Austin youth.  She understands the value of receiving focused instruction by knowledgeable professionals, and is ready to assist you in providing training for your organization’s employees, its most valuable asset.


Brandy can take you through the training decision-making process;  she'll help you identify what training is right for you, the best method of delivery, and will assist you in every step of the process.

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The two most valuable resources for an organization are its employees and customers. Therefore, it is essential for organizations to provide professional development skills training to their employees, at every organizational level. MicroAssist's professional development workshops are available for groups of any size and are customizable for your organization's needs and best practices. All sessions involve facilitated discussion, group activities, and adult learning principles. 

For additional information about our professional development workshops, please give us a call at (512)794-8440. Check back for additional topics to come!

Professional Development Workshops

Project Management

In the past few decades, organizations have discovered something incredible: the principles that have been used to create enormous successes in large projects can be applied to projects of any size to create amazing success. As a result, many employees are expected to understand project management techniques and how to apply them to projects of any size. This 1-day workshop will give participants an overview of the entire project management process, as well as key project management tools that they can use every day. View our Project Management class overview. 

Assertiveness and Self-Confidence

Assertiveness and self-confidence are comprised of important interpersonal communications skills and traits that can be learned and practiced. This 1-day Assertiveness and Self-Confidence workshop will provide you with many tips, techniques, and opportunities to try out your own skills. View our Assertiveness and Self-Confidence class overview.

Bridging Multiple Generations in the Workplace

The workplace can present challenges to management in terms of handling the different generations present. As older workers delay retiring and younger workers are entering the workforce, the work environment has become a patchwork of varying perspectives and experiences, all valuable to say the least. While having various cultures in one workplace can present communication problems and conflicts, the benefits of such a variety in the workplace outweigh it. Both the young and older workers have many ideas to offer, which can help the organization thrive in the marketplace. Learning how to deal with the different generations at work will help you become a better manager or co-worker.

This 1-day Bridging Multiple Generations in the Workplace workshop will help the participants understand the various generations present at work and understand what motivates each of them and how to work together. 

Building Your Leadership Potential

Here is your opportunity to gain knowledge about yourself and then apply and practice the competencies back at work. This 1-day Building Your Leadership Potential workshop will give you the opportunity to assess your strengths and get an insight into your blind spots. Also, participants will look at the five levels of leadership and how it relates to their current and future growth as a leader. Come prepared to be engaged and interact with other participants who want to grow their leadership talents. This workshop also offers a component on understanding and assessing the basic emotional intelligence in your organization. View our Building Your Leadership Potential class overview.

Change Management

Change is a constant in many of our lives. All around us, technologies, processes, people, ideas, and methods often change, affecting the way we perform daily tasks and live our lives. This module will give any lead person the tools to implement changes more smoothly and to have those changes better accepted. This workshop will also give all participants an understanding of how change is implemented and some tools for managing their reactions. View our Change Management class overview.

Conflict Resolution

Wherever two or more people come together, there is bound to be conflict. This 1-day Conflict Resolution workshop will give participants a six-step process that they can use and modify to resolve conflicts of any size. Participants will also learn crucial conflict resolution skills, including dealing with anger and using the Agreement Frame. View our Conflict Resolution overview.

Coaching and Mentoring

This 1-day Coaching and Mentoring workshop focuses on how to better coach your employees to higher performance. Coaching is a process of relationship building and setting goals. How well you coach is related directly to how well you are able to foster a great working relationship with your employees through understanding them and strategic goal setting. An easy-to-understand coaching model taught in this workshop will guide you through the coaching process. You will also learn how to mentor your employees for long-term development. Prepare yourself to change a few things about yourself in order to coach and mentor your employees to better performance. View our Coaching and Mentoring overview.

Communication Strategies

For the better part of every day, we are communicating to and with others. Whether it's the speech you deliver in the boardroom, the level of attention you give your spouse when they are talking to you, or the look that you give to the cat, it all means something. This 1-day Communication Strategies workshop will help the participants understand the different methods of communication and how to make the most of each of them. View our Communication Strategies overview.

Creative Problem Solving

In the past decades, psychologists and business people alike have discovered the successful problem solvers tend to use the same type of process to identify and implement the solutions to their problems. This process works for any kind of problem, large or small. This 1-day Creative Problem Solving workshop will give participants an overview of the entire problem solving process, as well as key problem solving tools that they can use every day. View our Creative Problem Solving overview.

Interpersonal Skills

We've all met that dynamic, charismatic person that just has a way with others, and has a way of being remembered. This 1-day Interpersonal Skills workshop will help participants work towards being that unforgettable person by providing communication skills, negotiation techniques, tips on making an impact, and advice on networking and starting conversations. View our Interpersonal Skills class overview.

Leadership and Influence 

Leadership potential exists within each of us. That potential can be triggered by outside events, or it can be learned by exploring ourselves from within. This 1-day Leadership and Influence workshop takes the latter approach. Once you learn the techniques of true leadership, you will be able to build the confidence necessary to take the lead. The more experience you have acting as a genuine leader, the easier it will be for you. It is never easy to take the lead, as you will need to make decisions and face challenges, but it can become natural and rewarding. View our Leadership and Influence overview.

Management 101

Managers play important roles in the success of any organization, but supervising others can be a tough job. While many personnel have strong skills in their respective fields, they may often experience real concerns and frustrations when it comes to managing the organization's most valuable resource - people. This 1-day Management 101 workshop uses an application approach to help you understand what is expected of a manager and the techniques necessary to successfully accomplish goals and objectives with, and through, employees. View our Management 101 overview.

Motivating Employees

There is a challenge for all employers and management in delivering the right balance between a confident, motivated workforce, and a workforce which is driven to attain goals. It can be described as a mix between the pleasure of a comfortable working environment and the fear of failure, although in honesty it is more complicated than that equation suggests. Regardless of how it is characterized, it is important to get the right balance in order to ensure that you have a motivated workforce. This half-day Motivating Employees workshop is designed to show participants the way to get the best out of a confident, motivated set of employees, and to show them how to motivate that group. View our Motivating Employees class overview.

Presentation Skills

This 1-day Presentation Skills workshop can benefit anyone who presents; a trainer, a meeting facilitator, speaker, or seminar discussion leader. No matter which role you are assuming, this workshop will help you become more efficient and proficient with the skills of providing information to others. View our Presentation Skills overview.

Teamwork and Team Building

For most of us, teamwork is a part of everyday life. Whether it's at home, in the community, or at work, we are often expected to be a functional part of a performing team. This 1-day Teamwork and Team Building workshop will encourage you to explore the different aspects of a team, as well as ways that you can become a top-notch team performer. View our Teamwork and Team Building overview. 

Time Management

Time management training most often begins with setting goals. These goals are recorded and may be broken down into an action plan or simple task list. Activities are then rated based on urgency and importance, priorities assigned, and deadlines set. This process results in a plan with a task list or calendar of activities. Routine and recurring tasks are often given less focus to free time to work on tasks that contribute to important goals.

This entire process is supported by a skill set that should include personal motivation, delegation skills, and organizational tools. We'll cover all this and more during this half-day Time Management workshop. View our Time Management class overview.

Additional topics soon to come:

  • Business Etiquette
  • Business Writing
  • Facilitation Skills
  • Financial Management for Non-Financial Professionals
  • Fundamentals of B2B and B2C Sales
  • Knowledge Management
  • Listen Up!
  • Managing Others
  • Meeting Management
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Personal Productivity
  • Policies, Procedures, Processes, and Compliance
  • Proposal Writing
  • Public Speaking
  • Respect in the Workplace: Creating a Culture of Inclusion
  • Retention Strategies for Leaders
  • Service Excellence
  • Strength-Based Leadership
  • Stress Management
  • Train-the-Trainer
  • Workplace Diversity