Accessibility Audit Services

Times to get accessibility help

We recognize the seriousness of receiving a demand letter, lawsuit, Department of Justice decision, or other notification documents. Our accessibility audit process can steer you in the right direction as quickly and thoroughly as possible.

Demonstrating compliance

Many organizations recognize the value of creating an inclusive online environment, as well as getting ahead of diversity and inclusion compliance requirements or any perception of discrimination. A comprehensive accessibility audit signals your content is accessible to everyone, helping you reach a broader audience and compete in more markets.

New development

Developing a new digital website or application – don’t leave accessibility to the end. Involving a team with web content accessibility guidelines expertise as early in the process as possible minimizes disruption and reworks.   

What Does an Accessibility Audit Entail?

At Microassist we believe in quality manual testing against recognized standards such as WCAG 2.0/2.1 and Section 508 to ensure accurate audit results. Automated testing tools only catch 20–40% of known issues. By using the same tools used by individuals in the disability community, the accessibility audit will ensure a complete and thorough analysis of accessibility challenges.

Microassist tests for accessibility against as many platforms and assistive technologies as required. This includes the following:

  • Desktops: Windows 10, Mac OSX10
  • Tablets: iPad iOS9, Android 4.5+
  • Mobile: iPhone iOS9, Android 4.5+
  • Browsers: IE, Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari
  • Assistive Technologies:
    • Windows 10: Magnifier, ZoomText
    • Windows 10: JAWS or NVDA screen readers
    • Windows 10: Dragon Naturally Speaking
    • Apple OS and iOS: VoiceOver, Zoom
    • Android: TalkBack

Accessibility Audit Report Categories

All findings are thoroughly documented. All reports provide you with critical information needed to make your site accessible: