Why E-Learning?

Why E-Learning?

A geographically scattered organization.
Employees who work different shifts around the clock.
A need for precise standardization of message.
Desire to teach your people something truly unique.

Whatever your reason for E-Learning, MicroAssist provides custom solutions that are designed specifically for your organization, efficiently targeting your goals and improving the productivity of your workforce.

MicroAssist's instructional designers, writers, multimedia artists, and technologists work with our clients to design the E-Learning solutions that are right for them. We do it by combining over 18 years of experience in application development, training, and curriculum development with world-class media production and publishing capabilities.

At MicroAssist, we've heard a lot of great reasons for turning to E-Learning. Some organizations maintain too many locations to send instructors in person, or have employees working too many varied shifts. Many government agencies or legal businesses must deliver a completely consistent message that can't be guaranteed in a classroom. There are businesses that want to append their classroom training to include a level of real-time feedback and interaction that is tough to achieve in a group setting. And then there are those who are simply dedicated to teaching their people something no one else can offer.

Whatever your challenges or goals, advancing individual competencies or upgrading business knowledge is extremely valuable. That's why MicroAssist provides full custom E-Learning solutions that efficiently target your needs and improve the productivity of your workforce.

MicroAssist Custom E-Learning is right for organizations that need to:

  • Meet business objectives that are extremely specific to a type of industry or goal
  • Work with various types of learners, varied locations, or disparate schedules
  • Benefit from instructional design expertise and curriculum development experience
  • Maximize the value of their training budget
  • Integrate with in-place HR, CRM, Financial or other business systems

MicroAssist's E-Learning Experts ensure that your organization has access to industry leading

  • Collaboration and Knowledge Management Systems
  • Content Development and Management Processes
  • Learning Content Management/Learning Management Systems
  • Assessment and Evaluation Services
  • Rich Media Creation and Development

Ready to learn more? View some of our case studies to see what custom E-Learning can do for your organization.

For your convenience, all of our E-Learning case studies are available for download below, or you can view demos of our E-Learning projects.

Have a question? Meet Heather Poggi-Mannis, our E-Learning evangelist. Heather has been working in the training industry for 12 years. Her technical background and previous experience includes a BSEE from the University of Texas at Austin, working for Texas Instruments Analog Devices, as well as product manager for a Computer Telephony Integration product line in the early 1990's. In each of these roles she provided outreach and training to both her internal and external clients.

Now Heather is dedicated to helping people find the right E-Learning solution for their organization. She'll take you through every step of the process from technology considerations to content development, all the way through to review, deployment, and hosting. 

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