Computer Training, IT Training and Professional Development

According to the Gartner Group:
  • Untrained users take up to six times as long to accomplish work as trained users.
  • Self-training costs 73% more than formal training does.
  • The time for recouping the cost of training is less than nine months, and the return on investment is estimated at 165%.

After over 27 years in the field, MicroAssist has learned what makes computer training most effective. It turns out that more than anything, the answer is experience. Strong instructors and well thought out curriculum are developed over time. In our case, it is our 200 standard training classes and 75,000 students that have transformed us into true leaders in the industry.

At MicroAssist, we know that sending members of your organization to formal training is a big decision.  Your workforce is your most expensive resource, and taking them away from their daily responsibilities can be a costly investment.  However, the right training can pay for itself in spades, leading to a more productive and self-sufficient organization, not to mention higher morale and retention.

But don’t just take our word for it. To find out more about people who have left MicroAssist’s classroom to become more effective employees, visit the clients section of this website.