Texas Department of Family Protective Services E-Learning Case Study

The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services Adult Protective Services (DFPS) is responsible for investigating abuse, neglect and exploitation of adults who are elderly or have disabilities.  DFPS had a legislative mandate to rapidly create 60 hours of delivery content to train Adult Protective Service staff dispersed across the State.  Furthermore, DFPS needed a learning management system (LMS) to manage course content, student registration, quiz administration and scoring, student logging and tracking as well as integrating streaming video technologies.   Both the LMS and the content had to meet IT standards set by DFPS’ internal IT group and the State of Texas IT group (DIR).  The LMS will eventually expanded to include all DFPS staff.

MicroAssist worked with DFPS subject matter experts (SME’s) to create sixty hours of delivery content in four months.  Content was created using Macromedia Authorware and Macromedia Flash and is fully SCORM and AICC compliant.  MicroAssist’s graphic design department was responsible for developing the user interface as well as graphic assets such as buttons, photographs, backgrounds and animations.  MicroAssist was also responsible for digitizing, editing and optimizing video assets for real-time streaming. 

APS Web Based Training 

MicroAssist implemented an LMS solution for DFPS.  The LMS solution offers:

  • A SCORM an AICC compliant Learning Object Repository and offers full user and course management.  
  • A range of authentication mechanisms are available in this solution (including LDAP).  
  • Multi-level security that allows controlled access to course content, creation of course content, modification of course content, creation of quizzes, grading of quizzes, enrollment of students.
  • Full user logging and tracking – activity reports for each students are available as are details about each module 
  • Full logging of training information such as when a trainee starts a unit, their response to assessment questions, and scores on the assessment for each unit.  
  • Flexible array of course activites – Forums, Journals, Quizzes, Resources, Choices, Surveys, Assignments, Chats, and Workshops.
  • Integration of streaming audio and video.

MicroAssist trained DFPS employees to perform routine maintenance functions to allow DFPS to take over system management.

The project was accomplished on time under the tight time constraint and within the budget—without any change orders.  The course is designed for use of new APS trainees.  DFPS anticipates significant improvement in delivery of training in a timely manner.  The availability of training throughout the state will result in reduction in travel costs.