MicroAssist uses a variety of techniques to make learning engaging, memorable, and accessible; while keeping the message as simple as possible.

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 Completing a Massive Form

What do you do when your audience needs to learn how to fill out a massive and sometimes complicated form? Using a simulation is probably the best option, but what if time and/or funds don’t permit that approach? In a course for the Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC), we provide step-by-step instructions, a calculation tool, screen captures, and most importantly – a checklist. This is the fourth in a series of five lessons. 



Electronic Birth Certificate Registration

Birth registrars are responsible for completing birth certificates, which record a lot of information about the mother and her pregnancy. Sometimes mothers are reluctant to share information. Registrars need to explain the importance of birth certificates and how the information is used. This lesson is the first in a series of five lessons for birth registrars.


Training Guide

Research shows that learners work harder and perform better when they feel they are engaged with a training guide. In a course for the Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC), a guide leads learners through our training and provides feedback.



The HIV Replication Process

HIV case managers need to understand how the virus spreads in the body. Images of the disease process allow learners to create a mental model that facilitates understanding. Animating the process allows the learner to start with foundation information and sequentially build on what they know. We used narrated animation to help learners understand this complicated process. We also provide learners with a job aid based on the animation. Check out the lesson to see the animation and how visuals are used to check learner’s knowledge.


Features and Benefits

The Rackspace Partner Program has a unique challenge to create informative and engaging training for a wide variety of resellers - ranging from small, one or tow person businesses to large, multi-national consultancies

Blood Testing

New HIV case managers often have no understanding of blood testing. They need to know what is measured when an HIV blood test is done, understand the impact of HIV on blood test results, and understand the role of the case manager in monitoring test results.

When you review the online HIV Blood Testing lesson, look for these features:

  • Introduction of contents with leading questions rather than a statement of objectives (objectives are in another location)
  • Enriching content accessible through hyperlinks
  • Audio and visual guidance on how to read a lab report
  • CC feature (optional)
  • Self-paced
  • Animated visual model of essential concept (ratio of CD4 to CD8+ cells)
  • Practice questions with feedback
  • Questions that require reflective thinking and application of knowledge
  • Assessment feedback

EXCEL 2007:  Spicing Up Graphs

Excel 2007 Chart Image link

Office workers are efficient when they use specific software tools regularly, but what happens when they want to try something different? They may spend a lot of time looking for guidance. Movie demonstrations are an excellent “just-in-time” solution. Short movies are focused and provide clear steps whenever help is needed. This movie shows how Excel graphs can be made more interesting with clip art.