Sanjay Nasta
Executive Officer

Sanjay NastaSanjay Nasta founded MicroAssist in 1988 and serves as its CEO. Mr. Nasta has an extensive background in technology application and learning and development.  He is passionate about using technology and learning in a strategic manner to improve organizational productivity. He is a founding member of E-Learning Council.  He is responsible for focusing MicroAssist on its vision of helping our customer’s organizations achieve their business goals by developing our customer’s employees and using technology strategically.   Mr. Nasta believes that driving each employee to live MicroAssist’s company values (Relationships, Achievement, Integrity, Stability, Expertise) is central to his job.  Mr. Nasta uses his entrepreneurial experience combined with technology, education and operational experience to help our clients solve their challenges.  

Mr. Nasta has led many enterprise-scale training and application development projects in his tenure at MicroAssist.  He is particularly proud of our application development work with the Texas Department of Public Safety ( and first time a cost recovery based approach was implemented at the State of Texas.   MicroAssist’s outreach training projects materially improve the lives of stakeholders; our team has worked with key stakeholders to provide training on specific issues for children deployed soldiers, prevention of transmission of the HIV virus to newborns, and increasing the rate of vaccinations.   Mr. Nasta drove strategic partnerships with key partners to allow MicroAssist to participate in the statewide rollouts of technology and associated training initiatives.

Mr. Nasta is a featured speaker and panelist at industry conferences such as DEMO, ATD and E-Learning Symposium.  He graduated from the University of Texas with a degree in engineering.


Sanjay Nasta is MicroAssist’s founded MicroAssist in 1988 and serves as its CEO.     He is passionate about using technology and learning in a strategic manner to improve organizational productivity.  

Donald Twining
Operating Officer

Donald is responsible for designing, developing, and leading the company’s strategic operating plan for MicroAssist’s products and services for corporate, government and education markets.  He provides the leadership, management and vision necessary to ensure that the operational controls, systems, people and key partnerships are in place to effectively serve customers, grow the organization, and safeguard the company’s financial strength and operational efficiency.  Donald has led many enterprise-scale training projects in his tenure at MicroAssist and developed many successful training partnerships and alliances.

Mr. Twining holds a Masters of Science in MIS from the University of Houston and a Bachelor of Arts from Texas A&M University.


Hiram Kuykendall
Technical Officer

As the CTO of MicroAssist, Mr. Kuykendall is a technical leader with over 25 years of solid, real-world experience in teaching, instructional design, application development, database administration and system engineering. His passions include promoting accessible technologies and techniques in the field of E-Learning and application development that create experiences that can be perceived and enjoyed by everyone.

Joachim Strenk
Business Development

Joachim StrenkJoachim Strenk joined MicroAssist in the spring of 1992 and has been instrumental in the continuing success story of MicroAssist. Until 2005 Mr. Strenk was tasked with supervising the training division of MicroAssist, and had administrative responsibilities in all three divisions of MicroAssist.  Because of his tremendous experiences over the past 15 years he is now the VP for Business Development.  Mr. Strenk is active in the Texas Army National Guard and is currently serving as the Commander of the 71st Battlefield Surveillance Brigade out of San Antonio.  He completed a tour in Kosovo in 2006 as the Operations Officer for Multinational Force East and a tour in Iraq in 2009 as an Infantry Battalion Commander.  Mr. Strenk received his B.S. degree from Oregon State University.



Lena Wood
IT Services & Infrastructure

Since 1998, Lena Wood has been responsible for the IT Services division of MicroAssist.  She has played a crucial part in the infrastructure design of all of MicroAssist's projects.  Lena has strong expertise in Microsoft networks, enterprise document, e-mail and fax systems.  Ms. Wood is a graduate of St. Edwards University with degree in Computer Science.  She is also a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer.

Jack McElaney
Sales & Marketing

Jack McElaney is MicroAssist’s Vice President of Sales & Marketing. He is responsible for developing and executing the company sales and marketing strategy and helping spearhead the focus on MicroAssist’s products and services related to application development, classroom training, and elearning into corporate, government, and education markets. In addition, he is focused on exploring new markets, product offerings and partnerships. Jack’s experience with information providers and consulting companies, combined with his sales, marketing, and operations experience, helps provide MicroAssist clients with a very detailed consultative approach toward solving their challenges.

Chris Brown
Public Safety Business Development

Chris BrownChris Brown is MicroAssist’s Public Safety Business Development Executive. He is the national liaison to public safety agencies and administrators for the purpose of highlighting innovative solutions that fulfill ongoing public safety technology needs. His mission is educating administrators about the strategic benefits of online training - cost reduction, risk mitigation, content and delivery quality control, OT reduction, scheduling benefits, and integration with enterprise records management systems. He works closely with the MicroAssist application development and elearning groups to ensure that public safety agencies have the tools necessary to effectively perform their jobs. The combination of Chris’ law enforcement knowledge and MicroAssist’s elearning and development experience within various government agencies makes for a very strong offering for our clients.



Kevin Gumienny
Elearning Team Lead

Kevin GumiennyKevin Gumienny is senior instructional designer and leads the instructional design team at MicroAssist, Inc. While at MicroAssist, he’s developed online, instructor-led, and blended learning solutions, including courses for the Department of Information Resources, the Department of Public Safety, and the Military Child Education Coalition. Prior to arriving at MicroAssist, Dr. Gumienny developed courses for the Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service, New Jersey Institute of Technology, and Stony Brook University. He has a passion for sharing skills and techniques, and has delivered presentations at several conferences.