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Texas Dept of Information Resources

    The Department of Information Resources (DIR) has designated MicroAssist as a DIR Cooperative Contract vendor for three (3) contracts. This allows state agencies to easily acquire MicroAssist's services directly without going through the competitive bid process, and will streamline the procurement for services and billing.

    How to Order

    1. For product and pricing information, contact Donald Twining at (512) 794-8440.
    2. Generate a purchase order, made payable to MicroAssist, Inc.  You must reference the DIR Contract Number for the services requested on your purchase order.
    3. Fax your purchase order and quote form to Donald Twining at (512) 794-8742.

    Contracts Contact:  Donald Twining

    Phone:  (512) 794-8440

    Technology-Based Training (TBT), Off-the-Shelf & Custom E-Learning

    DIR Contract Number: DIR-SDD-1942
    Commodity Code:  920-91 - Training, Computer Based (Software Supported)

    MicroAssist offers over 5,500 standard technology, business and compliance course titles and can custom-develop new courses for your agency without going through the bid process.

    For more information, visit our Technology-Based Training section.


    Deliverables-Based Information Technology (DBITS)

    DIR Contract Number: DIR-SDD-1972


    This DIR contract provides for the following technology categories:

    1. Application Maintenance & Support - includes the skills and requirements for supporting application systems including troubleshooting, modifying, maintaining and enhancing legacy systems.
    2. Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) - organizes business software in a granular fashion so that common functions can be used interchangeably by different departments internally and by external business partners.  SOA's are implemented via application programming interfaces (APIs) that allow components to communicate with each other.
    3. Technology Migration / Upgrade & Transformation - increases business functionality, re-engineering a business function, keeping current with vendor upgrades or upgrading existing technology.  These services include converting / migrating legacy applications to new technology either with or without new business functionality or it may include introducing new technology into the enterprise.  It may also include providing website content accessibility compliance.
    4. Information Technology Assessments and Planning -  provides IT assessments and strategic and tactical planning, which may include IT effectiveness, maturity, governance, project management and architecture. Strategic planning activities may include mission statement development, visioning and goals, objectives, and strategy development.  Tactical planning may require that actionable plans and roadmaps be provided. 
    5. Application Development - provides for developing new applications which may be mainframe, server, network-based, web-based or a combination.  The requirements for new applications may require interfaces to existing applications.

    Visit our DBITS section for more information.


    Web Development and Managed Services

    DIR Contract Number: DIR-TSO-2589


    MicroAssist offers comprehensive and fully managed web solutions, such as:

    • Website Design & Development:  MIcroAssist offers website design and development services including branding strategy & implementation, custom elements, database back-ends, Java, .NET and other platforms, responsive development, online training development, social media integration, and usability audit and collaboration. 
    • Web Hosting Operations:  MicroAssist is pleased to offer fully managed web hosting solutions to our state and private sector clients.  Services include content management, website hosting, LMS hosting, CMS hosting, tier 1 and tier 2 application support, monitoring, Domain Name Service (DNS), eCommerce integration and a 99% uptime guarantee.
    • Web Content Management:  MicroAssist provides content and data assessments, transfers, development and deployment, CMS solutions, project management, statistics tracking and technical writing services.
    • Web Application Development:  MicroAssist’s Web Application Development Division provides custom design and integration services developed for accessible web-based applications, including mission-critical database driven sites and/or E-Learning solutions.  MicroAssist’s custom developers are top-notch in analyzing customer requirements, designing real solutions using its rapid prototyping approach to design, developing applications and implementing final products.  MicroAssist works together with the Texas Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services personnel to make certain that web applications and E-Learning solutions are compliant.
    • Maintenance, Training & Support:  MicroAssist offers a wide array of web technology courses including accessibility training, Agile/SOA/JavaScript, HTML/XHTML, Java, SharePoint, SQL Server and other web-based technology courses.
    • Business Tools:  These services include creative brief's for website copy, e-commerce shopping cart tools, security analysis, strategic planning, web analytics, web productivity and collaboration tools, web search engine optimization, website marketing and website traffic analysis.
    • Accessibility as a Service:  With the passage of Section 508 and the subsequent adoption of Texas Administrative Codes 206 and 213, MicroAssist saw an opportunity to productize the accessibility process put in place to service existing state contracts.  In doing so, the suite of accessibility services now range from accessibility training to product development consulting to product evaluation.
    • TexasOnline Epay Implementation:  In 2002 MicroAssist began converting existing state web sites to use the ePay eCommerce gateway as provide for by TexasOnline.  Since then, the company has offered Epay consulting as part of web development and on a consulting basis.

    For more information, visit our Web Development and Managed Services section.





    Need help with any of these contracts?  Call MicroAssist at (512) 794-8440.


    MicroAssist, Inc., Vendor ID: 174-276-8479-400

    MicroAssist certified Texas HUB Number:  HUB #56092