Here’s a true story you should know about because it’s an example of how mother-to-child HIV transmission occurs at the time of labor and delivery. A woman who had no prenatal care presented to a local hospital in labor. Routine HIV testing was done with an ELISA test. Results tend to return in 24 to 48 hours and many labs do not report the results before a confirmatory Western blot is done, which may take two to five days. In this case the pediatricians were notified of the woman’s positive ELISA and Western blot five days after the baby was born. The woman had been sent home and was breastfeeding. What is this baby’s risk of being infected with HIV? Click NEXT to find out.

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Overview of HIV Testing during Pregnancy

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Perinatally Exposed and Infected Children

Prevalence of HIV in Pregnant Women

Benefit of Treating HIV+ Women

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Testing in the Third Trimester