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Cool Feature of the Month

The Document Inspector

I once worked in the IT department of a law firm. The attorneys at the firm were very concerned about e-mailing sensitive documents outside of the firm because they had heard stories about Word documents revealing sensitive information. At the time we used third-party software to clean the Word documents of sensitive data before converting them to Adobe Acrobat .pdf format. 

The new Document Inspector in Office 2007 is designed to help you safeguard your data without the need for additional software. Before you share a file, use the Document Inspector to inspect and then remove sensitive information. The Document Inspector finds just about everything - hidden text, comments, versions, document properties and personal information - and removes it from your document. The Document Inspector provides you with a single place to go to check and clean your document, and is available in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 2007.

Office 2007: Remove hidden data and personal information from Office 2007 documents

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