Interview with Instructional Designer Debby Kalk

Debby Kalk is an instructional designer and e-learning project developer with over 20 years of experience producing interactive, video, and classroom-based learning programs. She has developed training and customer education programs for companies such as USAA Insurance, Dell Computer, and Verizon Wireless. She has also worked with publishers such as Prentice Hall, McGraw-Hill, and Addison Wesley to develop online educational products.  At, MicroAssist, Debby has developed training for a statewide call center rollout, Dell and Vaccine University. 

Debby speaks frequently on instructional design and e-learning topics at workshops and conferences including ISPI, eLearning DevCon, STC, and AECT. She is co-author of the textbook, Real World Instructional Design, published in 2005 by Wadsworth College Publishers, a unit of Thomson Learning. She has a BA in History, a BS in Radio-Television-Film, and an MA in Instructional Technology, all from the University of Texas at Austin.