Adding Video to Engage Today’s YouTube Generation

On July 28th,  Chuck Origer from MicroAssist and Scott Rehling from Lava Studios discussed the advantages and disadvantages of adding video to E-Learning as well as some of the details and demos of what makes the video good, better, or best. 

All the rage for video at a consumer level has spilled over into today’s 21st century E-Learning. Video can be an effective modality and additive to online training when done smart and done right. Done wrong and lacking in professionalism on the other hand can be counter-productive.  Vignettes, scenarios, demonstrations, role-playing and simulations are just some of the ways you can make your training memorable.

In this webinar attendees saw examples that show the range from simple self-produced videos to the professional production that’s both feature rich and interactive.  Scott Rehling shared his tips, tricks and techniques for creating great video as well as take-aways of his best practices.

Other topics in this webinar:
  • Lighting
  • Adding music and voice talent
  • Shooting in HD
  • Incorporating still images
  • Production Software
  • Multiple camera angles
  • Custom graphics
  • Interactivity
  • Adding video to your website

Webinar Reference Material:

Digital Natives Digital Immigrants by Marc Prensky


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