Learning Management Systems

Do You Need a Learning Management System?

You developed the training and now you need to roll it out. Do you really need a learning management system (LMS)? Well, that depends.

What Do You Have to Consider?

  • Regulatory compliance (do your users need easy access to compliance training?)
  • Tracking and reporting (What kind of metrics do you need?)
  • Cost (What kind of budget do you have?)
  • Administration (What support can you provide to administer the LMS?)
  • Access for external users (Do users outside your organization need to take training?)
  • Federal and state accessibility requirements (Does your LMS need to be accessible?)

Learning management system software allows you to measure and manage the planning, delivery, and effectiveness of learning events, including online, virtual classroom, and instructor-led courses. It provides the means to perform administrative tasks, such as:

  • Enrollment and authentication
  • Scheduling training
  • Tracking assessments and student progress which allows you to track staff training, insure compliance with training mandates, lead new employees through an on boarding process
  • Reporting
  • Training resource management

What an LMS Will Do for You

An LMS can simplify external, local and global certification efforts, efficiently deliver standardized training to far-flung learners, enable your organization to align learning initiatives with strategic goals, and provide a means of enterprise-level skills management.

MicroAssist LMS Hosting Benefits

MicroAssist can host your LMS and learning content.  Benefits of hosting the LMS with us include:
  • We use a widely supported  open source LMS.   Open source LMS' do not have a per seat, per user or per gig license.   This makes the less expensive, especially for outward facing training.
  • You are the owner of both the LMS and the content.  You can take it in-house whenever you like or move your SCORM compliant content. 
  • We have a robust solution hosted in multiple data centers for maximum up-time.


MicroAssist’s learning management systems are open source solutions that enable organizations to:

  • Deploy and manage a wide variety of types of training
  • Deliver learning to tightly managed, specific groups