MicroAssist Media Production, Video, Austin, TX

John Gillis at MicroAssist's "Time Management" Lunch Program

The definitive human experience is one comprised of moving images. We are, by our very nature, visual creatures. It is because of this, that our visual perceptions equal our emotional realities. Rich media such as video and audio can hold the attention of a learner as well as hold a viewer onto a website.

Digital technology is revolutionizing the way moving images are acquired and interpreted. MicroAssist is passionate about utilizing today’s most advanced technology to create expressive, cinematic images that convey dynamic visual messages that resonate with real-world impact. MicroAssist's media production group can help produce video and audio for you that have demonstrable impact on your learning and marketing projects.

From original conception, all the way through post-production, we employ our own disciplined creative development methodology in order to ensure the success of your project. It is an extraordinarily powerful way to communicate. Let us show you how our work can allow your audience to see the world though your eyes.