The Road to Accessible E-Learning Starts Here

What is accessible elearning? Who needs it? How do I do it?

Accessible elearning includes the art and science of making materials perceivable to people:

  • who are blind or have low vision,
  • are part of the Deaf community, or are hard of hearing
  • have mobility impairments,
  • have cognitive challenges.

This means that your elearning can be taken by those:

  • who use assistive technologies such as JAWS or magnifying software,
  • who require closed captioning for your narrations and videos,
  • who cannot move a mouse with precision, or
  • who may need more time to read and understand your content.
  • Who needs it? Actually, everyone!
  • Ever have to increase the font size of a webpage?
  • Ever try to hear narration in a noisy environment?
  • Ever have a hard time getting the mouse pointer exactly over a button to click on it?
  • Ever have difficulty understanding the navigation on a page?
  • Everyone includes our employees and clients or others are affected by situational infirmities including many of our veterans.

Our Accessible Elearning Services

MicroAssist can help you create compliant elearning, evaluate existing elearning for compliance, and remediate elearning to meet standards..

  1. Our instructional design teams are well versed in Section 508, WCAG 2.0, and many state laws such as Texas Administrative Code, Title 1, Chapters 206 and 213. They can guide teams through the process of designing accessible elearning.
  2. Our design teams specialize in making elearning modules accessible in a variety of formats — HTML, PDF, PowerPoint, Word documents, video, audio, etc.
  3. We use industry standard, rapid elearning development tools to create rich learning experiences for all learners.
  4. MicroAssist’s award-winning accessible project design methodology ensures training materials are delivered on time, on budget, and are of the highest quality.
  5. The training division has extensive knowledge of many industry standard and open source Learning Management Systems that will fit almost any budget.
  6. MicroAssist will host your accessible open source or proprietary Learning Management System for a rapid launch!

Accessibility Philosophy

Accessible training doesn’t have to be boring! By blending instructional design and universal design philosophy, we create a rich interactive experience that enables the best experience for all learners.

“Seeing a truly accessible course that did not sacrifice interactivity for the non-disabled learner."

Mary VanWisse, PhD, Health Communication and Community Engagement, TB/HIV/STD/Viral Hepatitis Unit of DSHS about Perinatal HIV training created by MicroAssist. This is her response when asked about the coolest aspect of this training,

Accessible Training Examples

While all of the training we create for state and federal agencies has to meet accessibility guidelines, you can find specific examples that highlight our accessibility philosophy on our accessible e-learning demo page.

Accessibility Service Clients

Military Child Education Coalition    Rackspace

 Texas Vaccine Education Online     

Presentations and Other Resources

Accessibility Awards

Accessibility Community Participation

Hiram Kuykendall - MicroAssist CTO and Accessibility Evangelist

Hiram Kuykendall, CTO MicroAssist

  • AIR Austin 2010 – Chairperson, AIR Austin
  • AIR Austin 2010 – Chairperson,  AIR Interactive
  • AIR Austin 2011 – Board Member
  • Open AIR 2012 – Training Chair


Have a question? Meet Heather Poggi-Mannis, our E-Learning evangelist. Heather has been working in the training industry for 12 years. Her technical background and previous experience includes a BSEE from the University of Texas at Austin, working for Texas Insturments Analog Devices, as well as product manager for a Computer Telephony Integration product line in the early 1990s. In each of these roles she provided outreach and training to both her internal and external clients.

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Now Heather is dedicated to helping people find the right E-Learning solution for their organization. She'll take you through every step of the process from technology considerations to content development, all the way through to review, deployment, and hosting.