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MicroAssist Assists Texas DPS with Teen Driving Program

IMPACT Texas Teen Drivers (ITTD)

AUSTIN, Texas, Sept. 29, 2015 — IMPACT Texas Teen Drivers (ITTD) is an eight part video series that explains the dangers of distracted driving amongst teen drivers. The two-hour program consists of several videos and engagement questions that provide awareness about the dangers of distracted driving.

As an experienced instructional design and custom application development organization, MicroAssist was able to assist in designing an experience that is well suited for the highly mobile teen user base. This included the technical challenges of streaming high quality videos as well as ensuring that the experience was accessible to those with vision, hearing, mobility and cognitive challenges. As part of this inclusive strategy, the entire experience is available in English and Spanish which includes closed captioning of videos.

Hiram Kuykendall, MicroAssist’s CTO, worked closely with the Texas DPS on the development of the ITTD program and he said, “We know based on research for this program and others that teens are heavy users of tablet and mobile technologies. The amount of technology to ensure the right experience on the right device is considerable.”

Texas DPS Mobile App created by MicroAssist

Dave Manzer

Texas DPS Mobile App Built by MicroAssist

Online Technical Training Show and Tell

Online Technical Training Show & Tell

with Linda Warren and Mary Word

Mary Word and Linda Warren have created hours of online technical courses for MicroAssist clients. In this session, they'll share some of their success secrets and demonstrate simulations and other techniques used in the courses they created.

When: 24 Jun 2014, 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM

Where: Build-A-Sign, 11525A Stonehollow Dr, Suite 100


Link to event description:

Help MicroAssist's Danny Willford raise money for Movember

MicroAssist's Danny Willford is once again raising money for Movember USA.  Some impressive fundraising stats:

  • World – 53,748,960 (13 million more than last week!)
  • USA – 12,217,278 (3 million gained since last week)
  • Austin – 160,896 (quadrupled since last week!)
  • Danny - 900 (let's encourage him to raise his goal!)

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MicroAssist receives Small Employer of the Year Award

CTO Hiram Kuykendall accepts Employer Award MicroAssist is proud to share the news of receiving the Small Employer of the Year award at the Austin Mayor’s Committee for People with Disabilities 33rd Employment Awards.

MicroAssist has been a long time participant in the Application Required Work Readiness Program, hosted by Education Service Center Region XIII and DARS/Division for Blind Services. What started as a two week mentoring program three years ago has progressed into an avenue whereby MicroAssist is able to employ tech savvy, visually impaired youth to test new E-Learning template designs and perform administrative support tasks, such as data entry.

We are excited to continue that relationship into the future. We at Microassist are extremely honored to be recognized amongst an inspiring collective of Austinites, all of whom are doing great work to make Austin's workforce stronger, and more inclusive.

MicroAssist is your Ticket to the Cloud

visualization of cloud computing with PCs, servers, phones, and laptopsWhen discussing the growing popularity of cloud computing, one must also consider the extreme shortage of cloud computing skills that has forced CIOs to train their own staff. When Majestic Realty Co., a Los Angeles-based commercial real estate developer, moved to Microsoft’s Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS) for cloud-based email in early 2011, CIO Jon Grunzweig was shocked by the lack of technical support he found for BPOS in the marketplace.

“A year ago, no one knew anything about BPOS,” he says. “We couldn’t get good advice ahead of time on what to look out for, what to think about. That knowledge wasn’t there. Microsoft didn’t have it. Neither did third-parties.”

Across the IT industry, CIOs, technology vendors, and consultants agree that there is a serious shortage of cloud computing skills that threatens to hamper adoption.

5 Ways to Make Your PowerPoint Presentations Fascinating

We've all sat through a mind numbingly-boring PowerPoint presentation and left unsure of what point the speaker was trying to convey, or unclear what action was called for, or were simply so bored that everything was forgotten the second we left the room. 

PowerPoint still can't be beat for efficient communication of dense, verbal ideas - who reads memos anymore? - but that doesn't mean that it's easy to use effectively. 

A good PowerPoint presentation should convince your audience to align themselves with your point of view. If you're looking to share data or a list of facts and figures, you don't need PowerPoint: you need Excel.

Here's five tips to keep your audience engaged and effectively convey your message.  To learn more about these techniques, attend one of our Advanced PowerPoint classes

1. Grab your viewers' attention with multimedia.

Video and audio, when used appropriately, is a great way to engage your audience. Video is a great attention-getter, and recorded narration helps keep your slides clean and approachable - especially when sending your presentation to others to view. In PowerPoint 2010, video inserted from files can be embedded into the presentation, making sharing presentations a cinch and freeing you from unreliable internet connections when sharing your presentations at large.

Announcing Virtual Instructor-Led Training: Learning in Context

Virtual Instructor-Led Training: New from MicroAssist!

Virtual Training with MicroAssist - Staff gathered around laptopMicroAssist is now offering Virtual Instructor-Led Training in many of the same skills, tools, and technologies we've staked our reputation on over the last 24 years. Many of our clients have a dispersed workforce but have had travel budgets cut over the last few years, while the need for technical training never diminishes. Interactive virtual training makes it possible for individuals to get the training they need from their office, home, or anywhere with an internet connection.

With this easy to use virtual training platform, individuals around the world can now receive the quality training they need for the same cost as our local clients. Likewise, the interactivity of the virtual training environment allows our expert instructors to relate to students much in the same ways as in-person classes to ensure a positive learning experience. Unlike e-learning, the virtual training environment allows students to interact directly with the instructor during the course to ask questions, solve problems, and ensure they truly understand the material.

Team MicroAssist Takes Home First Prize in Knowbility's AIR Interactive!

Congratulations to Unchain My Art (AKA Team MicroAssist) for taking first place in the annual Accessiblitity Internet Rally! AIR-Interactive matches teams of web designers/developers with non-profit organizations to build new websites or enhance existing ones to make them more accessible for people with disabilities: the competition does an amazing job of increasing awareness of the tools and techniques that make the Internet accessible to everyone. 

Pavel Karoukin, Hiram, Jillian, and Ella Jane worked with Fito Kahn of the Austin Jazz Alliance to create a new website. The Austin Jazz Alliance began as a grass-roots organization started in an effort to help jazz musicians in Austin and Central Texas promote their music. It has since become an umbrella organization that brings together jazz musicians, jazz fans, and jazz related businesses.  Check out the Austin Jazz Alliance's new website!

HTML5 Classes: 6 Reasons You Need HTML5 Training Now

HTML5 is the next major milestone in HTML, not just another incremental enhancement. HTML5 is a game-changer, an enormous advance for not just websites but modern web applications. HTML5  is such a big step forward that it prompted Vic Gundotra, VP of Engineering at Google, to say "The web has not seen this level of transformation, this level of acceleration, in the past ten years... we're betting big on HTML5." Here are six reasons why you should get trained in HTML5 and make the switch.

1. Save Money and Time with One Step Multi-Media Content

Save money and time with HTML5's new syntactical features, including the <video>, <audio>, and <canvas> elements. Before HTML5, developers needed to use tools like Flash, Silverlight, Flex or JavaScript to create interactive websites. Not only do these methods increase the complexity of the web application, they also require significant developer time and cost to create. These new elements make it very easy to integrate multimedia and graphical content to the web without using third party plugins.