Business Strategy and Architecture

Needs Assessment

MicroAssist's team can help you assess your business needs and create a viable strategy for creating a custom application.   The needs assessment step in the custom software development process is equivalent to an architect discussing a clients needs and creating blueprints for a house.   It is the first and vital step that helps drive a disciplined software development process.

The typical deliverable from this phase of a project is:

  • Clearly defined vision for the project
  • Project scope
  • User stories and interface specifications
  • Requirements definition
  • Prototypes in the form of wire frames
  • A preliminary project plan

MicroAssist's Assessment and Strategy services can be bought independently or as the first phase of a project.   

Business Architecture

We recognize your organization’s digital presence is driven by your strategic goals. We take a holistic approach to aligning your goals with a formal, actionable strategy. This organizational strategy includes incorporation of policies, procedures, and culture as well as the anticipated technology evaluation. Our goal is to turn your mandate into a practical execution that is responsive, cost effective, and sustainable.


Today a robust enterprise infrastructure is composed of internal agency applications and vendor supplied software. These applications may be behind the firewall or may exist in the Cloud. In any event, your business strategy will likely require access to these services to fulfill the mandate. At MicroAssist we have over 15 years’ experience integrating applications and data at all levels and have the necessary skills to integrate or augment communication services for your business needs.

Big Data

Big data can pose big challenges, but ultimately should provide big benefits. Optimizing large amounts of data that may be restricted by administrative rule or law can pose quite a challenge. For over 18 years MicroAssist has been providing these complex data services in support of Computerized Criminal History (CCH), Sex Offender Registry and other high-volume / high-risk services. By optimizing these data services, your applications  will provide the speed and breadth of information that your stakeholders are increasingly demanding.


Part of the digital strategy will be aligning development standards and technologies. Part of this alignment will be ensuring the end product is accessible and understood by people who are blind, have impaired vision, mobility limitations or have cognitive challenges. We build products that meet the full range of accessibility standards (state and federal) including grant requirements.