Sanjay Nasta
Executive Officer

Sanjay NastaSanjay Nasta is the CEO and founder of MicroAssist, Inc.  Mr. Nasta's vision for MicroAssist has always been of a company that improves the performance of an organization's most valued assets - its people.   He started MicroAssist in the classroom, teaching classes for Austin Computers, Aetna, and Motorola. MicroAssist now provides performance consulting, skill gap analysis, curriculum development, classroom training, and custom E-Learning development. Mr. Nasta is a founding member and community manager of E-Learning CouncilMicroAssist also creates substantial application development projects - including Texas Department of Public Safety's Crime Record Service online databases (   Mr. Nasta graduated from the University of Texas with a degree in engineering.

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Donald Twining
Operating Officer

As MicroAssist's Chief Operating Officer (COO), Donald Twining brings over twenty years of success in providing comprehensive business management and information systems solutions, as well as developing informative and motivational training programs. As COO, he leads MicroAssist’s business operations from logistics and planning to executing training and integration projects and providing customer care. He also plays a key role in the development and support of the corporation’s strategic