Texas Commission on Environmental Quality Custom Training

Case Study -- TCEQ: Creating/Revising Rule Documents

Client Summary

TCEQ The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) is the environmental agency for the state of Texas. Within TCEQ, the Office of Permitting, Remediation and Registration (OPRR), along with Office of Legal Services (OLS) are responsible for creating and revising the environmental rules which govern the state. This process requires agency experts to write complex technical documents and configure them for publication. The environmental rules are first published in the Texas Register, which is a weekly journal of state agency rulemaking for the state of Texas Once adopted; rule documents are converted to HTML and codified into the Texas Administrative Code at the Secretary of StateÆs web site.

Challenges Facing the Client

The client identified a skills gap for employees who to wrote and revised rule documents. TCEQ had recently upgraded their word processing software from WordPerfect to Microsoft Word and some employees were not completely familiar with the new application. The Office of Permitting, Remediation and Registration (OPRR) included a half-dozen separate divisions, each with a slightly different process for creating rule documents. As a result, completed rule documents were often incorrectly amended or formatted. OPRR had an internal team whose job it was to review completed rule documents for approval. Rejected rule documents were returned to their respective divisions for corrections, before being re-submitted. The client needed a more simplified approach for creating and revising the rule documents, as well as training for all employees involved in the process.

How MicroAssist Helped

Initial meetings with the client helped MicroAssist develop an action plan which included the development of a customized training course for rule writers. A key issue was the